Robin Lambert
Lighting Cameraman
Robin has worked as a lighting cameraman for:
BBC, CNN, Channel 4, ARD, ZDF, etc. etc. etc.
Recent Features include:
Crossfade (UK 2002) Post Mortem (D 2003)
Schattenwelt (Shadow World D 2003)
The Moonflower (D 2005)

Worldwide Documentaries including:
Russia, Sudan, Azerbaijan, Kosovo.
and most recently: Afghanistan

Member of the Society of
Television Lighting
Robin Lambert on
location in Afghanistan
Robin Lambert can be
contacted in Mainz on:
Local: 06131 - 673979
Int: ++49 6131 673979

Gartenfeldplatz 7
55118 Mainz

C/O 41 Hanover Circle
Hayes, UB3 2TJ
London, England

For further details of
rates, availability and
equipment, requirements,
contact Robin
Lambert directly.

More info:

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As well as a working Director of
Photography, Robin Lambert is
a published author who also
writes for various magazines.
Well known for his  column in
"Digital Video", he also holds
seminars on lighting for Arri,
Kino-Flo and Dedolight and
is known and respected as
one of the formost location
lighting cameramen
specializing in low and
micro-budget productions.